Ramabai Espinet’s Web Presence

(Photo credit: N.d. Caribbean Tales: Ramabai Espinet. Web. 22 Apr. 2014. .)

(Photo credit: N.d. Caribbean Tales: Ramabai Espinet. Web. 22 Apr. 2014. .)

Web Presence of Ramabai Espinet

     Ramabai Espinet, author of The Swinging Bridge, does have a web presence.  I simply did a google search on “Ramabai Espinet” and found results.  In the quick synopsis provided by Wikipedia in the box on the search page, she is listed as a poet under her name.  Her full Wikipedia page, which was created by Laurie Taylor, reveals that she is an Indo-Caribbean writer from Trinidad and Tobago who received a Ph.D. and is now a professor at Seneca College.  Perhaps the most important web presence of Espinet is the University of Minnesota’s “Voices from the Gaps” page dedicated to her.  This source offers a more detailed summary of Espinet’s life and writings.  It offers a list of her works, as well as works by Marcia Henville and Patricia Clark about Espinet.  This website is important because it directs readers to scholarly sources, which offer analysis, whereas the web pages have only provided brief summaries.  The YouTube videos, produced by Frances Anne Solomon, of her readings and interviews are also significant because they portray her voice.  In “Ramabai Espinet on the Swinging Bridge,” we can hear Espinet’s voice, as well as the voice of her readers who relate to her writing.  There are also videos on her speaking about Indian indenture and reading The Swinging Bridge.  Espinet’s web presence, although present, can definitely be improved.






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